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~ Why Numbers of Premature Ejaculation Sufferer so Varied?

Why are the Numbers of Those with Premature Ejaculation so Varied?

Premature ejaculation is a tricky thing to deal with. Not only is it embarrassing and hard to talk about, but there is also no real consensus on exactly what percentage of men actually go through this. We know that it’s a lot, but it’s hard to nail down even a number, let alone what premature ejaculation actually is. This makes it hard to know if the problem in bed is premature ejaculation or something else altogether.

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One of the big problems with premature ejaculation is the definition of it. Depending on your definition, the number of men suffering from it will change.

1 WHO (World Health Organization), defines PE as men who ejaculate before he wants to. By this definition, between 33% and 50% of men suffer from this problem.

2. American researchers may define Premature ejaculation has when the male orgasms before his partner is ready. This sends the number skyrocketing to 70%!

3. European researchers measure the Intra-Vaginal Ejaculatory Latency time (ie, how long the penis is inserted into the vagina before the man ejaculates). Researchers found that the average time is four to five minutes. Any duration below 2.5% of this can be considered indicative of premature ejaculation. (below 2.5% is 90 seconds).

4. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has another definition again: It’s premature ejaculation if you keep ejaculating with minimal sensation or stimulation, shortly before or after penetration, taking into account things like age or health. It’s causing anxiety or stress and it’s not being caused by drugs or alcohol. Whew!

The most common definition is Number 1 which is when a male ejaculates before he wants to which is where the estimated number of roughly 1/3 men comes from.

But why are there so many definitions? You cannot easily hammer down a definition for premature ejaculation because it’s a very personal matter. Some men and their partners think that sex which lasts ten minutes is fine and dandy; others think that if the guy can’t last longer than twenty minutes, he’s got a problem! Some women think that their partner has premature ejaculation but he thinks she’s just too hard to please; some men think they have premature ejaculation and his partner thinks he’s fine.

Overlaying all of this is the media which has perpetrated the idea of men lasting all night long when this is far from the truth. Just like women who get self conscious about their body image, men get self conscious about their performance. You certainly do not hear about men who last the average of five minutes being praised for it! They either last hours (or can ejaculate repeatedly) or they are mocked.

So how do you even know if you have premature ejaculation? A good gauge is to see how you feel about your performance. Do you last long enough for your satisfaction? Then you can see how your partner feels about your performance. It could be that you are worrying over absolutely nothing.

If you do think you have a problem and you want a discrete solution, Gambir Sarawak is an all natural way to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed. It’s affordable, easy to use and effective; a great way to help you last in bed while you work on other things such as confidence. Good luck!

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