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~ When Does it Take Too Long to Ejaculate?

When Does it Take Too Long to Ejaculate?

We have spent a lot of time and words on discussing various ways of dealing with (or various ways to avoid) premature ejaculation. But what do you do if you don’t have trouble lasting longer in bed and instead you have trouble stopping? For those suffering with premature ejaculation, the ability to last ten, twenty, thirty minutes seems like a dream come true but for those who actually last this long (and their partners), it’s a bit of a nightmare.

Delayed ejaculation (or retarded ejaculation) is a syndrome whereby a man cannot easily ejaculate once penetrated into a woman’s vagina. Men with no sexual problems last an average of two to four minutes once they have penetrated and start thrusting. Before you start unloading the tales of your long lasting sex, keep in mind that our brains tend to play tricks on us; sex that seems to take hours actually only took a few minutes if you look at the clock just before penetration and once finished. However, males with delayed ejaculation have no problem lasting longer in bed; they can go for as long as forty-five minutes or may not be able to ejaculate at all.

Delayed ejaculation can be caused by a number of problems, including:

  • Psychological barriers to having sex, such as viewing it as wrong, sinful or evil
  • Anger towards your partner
  • Painful memories tied to sex such as remembering a cheating partner or being walked in on while having sex or masturbating
  • Conditioning
  • Use of drugs such as Prozac
  • Nervous system disorder

Treatments for delayed ejaculation will depend on what is causing the problem. If it is a physical problem such as a nervous system disorder, you will probably have to see a doctor. You can tell if this is the case if you cannot ejaculate no matter what you try to do with yourself (wet dreams, masturbation, etc.). If on the other hand the problem stems from something psychological, then visiting a sex therapist with or without your partner may be in order. A therapist can teach you and your partner techniques that will help you to ejaculate faster and be more comfortable having sex. Generally it takes up to eighteen sessions and has a success rate of 70-80%. Therapy may also help if you having problems feeling intimate or there are issues in the relationship.

Delayed ejaculation may seem like the polar opposite of premature ejaculation (which normally treated by Gambir Sarawak) but the two are related in that they are both sexual dysfunctions which make men uncomfortable and can drive a wedge in the relationship. Without adequate treatment and more importantly the drive to deal with the problem, many men will continue to have difficulty with delayed ejaculation which will make it harder to enjoy a sex life. Both delayed and premature ejaculation have a resounding impact on the psyche of a man, on the state of the relationship and on things like the ability to build a family or have self confidence. So, if you have been suffering from delayed ejaculation, get help as soon as you can! With the proper amount of effort, you can have a more enjoyable sex life.

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