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~ Ten Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Ten Tips to Last Longer in Bed

When it comes to play between the sheets, far too many men feel that they exit the field too early! Premature ejaculation is a relatively common sexual problem for men and fortunately it can be dealt with in an affordable and easy manner, though you may have to do some practicing (oh damn!) In order to help you on your way, we’ve pulled together ten tips to help you last longer in bed and get rid of premature ejaculation for good.

  1. Think of a woman’s orgasm when masturbating, not your own. Or at the very least, take your time. Use these private minutes as a way to work on lasting fifteen minutes to start and then longer if you want. You should also try to take a note of how it feels to come close to ejaculating and then learn to pull back.
  1. Squeeze it. If things are getting too hot to handle while having sex, stop and squeeze right below the penis head. This pressure will push blood out of your penis and delay the ejaculation reaction.
  1. How Do you feel? Sexual response has four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. You have to be able to recognize each feeling and then try to stay at plateau for as long as possible. Rate your sexual excitement at each stage between one and ten and try to stay at around seven for as long as you can.
  1. Exercise! We don’t mean running, we mean Kegels. Kegels work by tightening muscles in your penis area to control ejaculations. You can start by trying to cutt of the flow of urine multiple times. Once you get a feel for that, you can do Kegels anywhere. Aim to hold these muscles for at least a count of ten.
  1. Knock knock. Instead of thrusting the whole time (which makes men ejaculate faster), try pressing. Press the penis into the clitoral head and stay in the vaginal area. Contrary to popular belief, a shorter penis may win the day here; the most sensitive nerve endings for women are at the entrance of the vaginal areas and she’s more likely to orgasm herself with these small shallow movements.
  1. Ladies first. Work on making her orgasm first and then you. This relieves the pressure to perform and once she’s done, she won’t care how long you take!
  1. Go for a second run. If you do ejaculate early, shrug it off and go at it again. The second time will last longer no matter what and so you can really practice. Then you’ll get better at going longer the first time. Neat!
  1. Women on top. When she’s on top of you, your penis will be less stimulated. Get her to go slowly and take control. It won’t make you less of a man.
  1. Get your mind off your orgasm. Men who are all wound up in their own orgasm are more likely to get their faster. Instead, enjoy every aspect of your love making.
  1. Using the right products. If you feel that you need some extra help, invest in the right thing. For a long time, things like antidepressants were used to prolong ejaculation, but these have other side effects that can be dangerous. Instead, try an all natural product like Gambir Sarawak to delay ejaculation.

Lasting longer in bed isn’t rocket science; it’s just a bit of effort and the ability to restrain yourself. Start small and work your way up; you’ll be glad you did and so will your partner. Good luck!

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