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~What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Is Premature Ejaculation Coming From Your Father?

Men are quite secretive when it comes to issues they have had to deal with in their lives, especially when it comes to their sex lives. Men are not as open as women are when it comes to sex talk. They are quiet when issues occur because they feel they will be made fun of when they speak with their friends. A major and largely unspoken issue for many men is premature ejaculation. Lots of men are unable to control their ejaculation which leaves them feeling lacking in the sexual department. They feel as though they are less of a man due to this issue and they are always on edge wondering if there is a cure but too scared to ask. What causes premature ejaculation and can it be controlled?

The two main causes of premature ejaculation are excitement and anxiety. Younger men tend to have excitement to blame for premature ejaculation because the anticipation of sex drives them to a fever pitch before they actually have it and thus when the act occurs, they ejaculate too soon. You need to be in control when it comes to your ejaculation so you are willing to pleasure your woman as well as yourself. You remember the saying “ladies first?” This should be used in the bedroom as well!

However, even if you are experienced in sex, you may find that you are still suffering from premature ejaculation. So what causes premature ejaculation in this scenario? Research has show that it is generally due to anxiety. If a man has other things on his mind which has him thinking and worrying, such as work related issues, financial problems, stress at home, or a ton of other problems, the anxiety may make them ejaculate sooner than they wanted to. In order to avoid this cause of premature ejaculation, you have to try to be as relaxed as possible while sexual intercourse is being preformed and you should leave everything else behind. This is easier to do if you spend some time making out first; not only will this relax you enough to have sex, but you’ll also be able to better pleasure your partner so she’ll orgasm too.

There is no one single cause of premature ejaculation unfortunately.  All men are different and the problem can be caused by all manner of things. However, if it bothers you that much, then you may need to speak with your doctor and make sure that the problem is related to a serious health issue. However, if this isn’t the case either, it’s time to try a natural remedy.  Try taking Gambir Sarawak as an all natural herbal solution to premature ejaculation.  You can find it right here on gambirshop.com.

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