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~Men: How to Last Longer In Bed

Sex is something that everyone loves. However, it can also be very one sided; especially for the women because men become aroused and orgasm far quicker than women do, which leaves the woman feeling displeased and even alone. So what can you do to prevent this? Are there tricks to sex which you may not know about that will teach you how to last longer in bed? Well, yes of course! There are many different tricks you can use to stop yourself and pleasure your woman first and leave her satisfied before you finish.

The first trick to slowing yourself down is to know yourself and the body of your partner.  If you know your partner’s body, you can trigger those areas for her so you can both orgasm at the same time. If you feel like you are going ejaculate before she’s ready, you can stop yourself by squeezing right below the head of your penis. This will make you focus on the pressure you apply on your urethra instead of on the pleasure you’re experiencing. The urethra is the tube which runs on the underside of the penis where the blood pumps. Squeezing it will slow down the blood flow, making your ejaculation stop before you are ready.

So are there other tricks to learn that will make you last longer in bed? Yes there are! Try to work the head of your penis around her clitoral area making her more aroused before entering her vagina and stimulating the vaginal walls. Focus on her more than yourself in the beginning to make sure she is pleased and ready to start the journey with you to the end!

Another way to last longer in bed is to have her on top. There will be less stimulation on your penis and you can tell her to control the speed she thrusts on you. When a man is the one in control he tends to hurry and finish but a woman of course takes longer so she will take her time and she will be able to trigger her g-spot while she is on top. This will stimulate her faster and so she will finish far more satisfied than if she had been beneath you.

There are many men who wonder how to last longer in bed and thus satisfy their partners. If you are wondering that, you aren’t alone. There are many couples out there which feel dissatisfied in their sex lives due to premature ejaculation which leaves the woman unhappy and the man feeling as though he is lacking. Make sure to always place the ladies first as any gentleman would do and you will be a great lover in bed.

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