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~ How the Media Disrupts Sexual Confidence

How the Media Disrupts Sexual Confidence

One of the leading causes of premature ejaculation is simple: complete and total lack of confidence on the part of the male. This lack of confidence can come from a number of places, but certainly the media has its role to play. In the case of both the women and the men, popular media in particular has perpetuated a number of damaging myths when it comes to sexual relationships. These myths include:

  • The importance of a massive penis (in fact, smaller and well skilled is better since all sensitivity in a women is near the rim of the vagina)
  • The necessity to last hours and hours (sex on average lasts about two to four minutes for actual penetration)
  • The friction between the idea that men are supposed to be tender and romantic and the idea that men are supposed to be able to go hard for a long time.

Myths like these hardly belong to the realm of one type of media over another. For example, the idea of the small penis is lampooned in comedy while men bitterly loathe romances for the unrealistic portrayal of sex. Both men and women may find that their sexual confidence is destroyed by the media around them, but we’ll look at men in this case. The damaging myths here in particular are penis size and the notion of being able to last a long time or at least be able to go multiple times in one night.

These ideas are very damaging to many men; particularly those who have had rocky relationships or already have a low self esteem. With the prevalence of these ideas, from porn to romance to comedy, most guys are going to come across it at least once in their lives and at the wrong point in their lives, it can leave something of a scar which turns into a lowered sense of confidence. This then feeds into problems such as premature ejaculation or having difficulty getting aroused for sex because of constant fears of inadequacy.

It’s incredibly important to address these fears, first by realizing that they are baseless. Shows which showcase the 8” long lasting for hours have a number of tricks to make it appear that way. For example, Fabio in his romances actually did takes which were done over three days so that he was taking breaks. Those one hour, two hour, four hour sexual sessions were nothing more than several sessions strung together, each one lasting far less time. As for length, you’d be surprised what weird camera angles can do for you!

But another thing to bear in mind is open communication. Although the media portrays women as wanting sex to last all night long, if you actually ask, you’ll probably find that most women… well, don’t. It actually starts to hurt after a while! What many actually want is more foreplay; that way, the whole session feels longer, but the penetration time hasn’t changed all that much. Get her riled up and on the edge first and then the two of you can go over it together. The clock matters a lot less then!

When it comes to anything in the media, it’s very important to see it with a critical eye and understand that for the most part, it’s an exaggeration on life. What really matters is whether you and your partner are happy and you may find that through communication and perhaps the use of something like Gambir Sarawak, you’re a lot closer to that happiness than you would have imagined. When it comes to premature ejaculation, remember that what you see on t.v. and what you read isn’t going to have much to do with reality, so take care of your health and your relationship and the rest will follow. Good luck!

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