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~ Best Food to Cure and Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Best Food to Cure and Prevent Premature Ejaculation

The premature ejaculation is a common problem, no matter the age of the man, or the environment he is living in. Most of the times, it happens infrequently, and it is not a reason to worry about. However, if it happens almost every time you have an intercourse, it can ruin your sex life. If you notice you cannot enjoy having intimate relation because the premature ejaculation, you must consult a doctor or a specialist.

No matter what type of treatment you will use, it is also recommended to have an adequate diet plan, and to include in it all the foods that act as natural remedies for premature ejaculation. They have the potential to boost the levels of testosterone in your body, to give you all the minerals and vitamins you need, and to cure and prevent premature ejaculation.

Here are the most important 10 foods that could help you with your premature ejaculation problem:
• Asparagus – This vegetable is associated with many health benefits for men, and one of them is the impact in boosting your sex drive. It is a very rich vegetable in important vitamins and minerals, like vitamin E, which has an important role in controlling the men hormones.
• Eggs – You should it eggs every day because they contain vitamin D, which is also linked to the boost of the sex drive. About two eggs per day could make wonders in boosting the levels of testosterone in your body. They are very effective in preventing premature ejaculation.
• Dark chocolate – It is already known that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but it can also cure premature ejaculation. It stimulates the blood flow to your sexual organs due to the L-Arginine amino acid, which regulates the hormone production.
• Oats – They contain serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. It will help you reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, which are linked to premature ejaculation. They are also rich in protein, so they could help you boost the testosterone level.
• Avocado – It is already known avocado is a wonder fruit, so do not be surprised that it can help in the cure of premature ejaculation. It contains vitamin C, K, and B< which regulates the blood flow. Because of its proteins and fibers, it is a natural sex booster. • Blueberries – Among the miraculous foods that can cure premature ejaculation, blueberries are in the top. They are very effective in cleaning your body from the free radicals, which usually can interfere with the sperm. • Bananas – These fruits contain a very effective enzyme, called bromelain. It will help you boost your sex drive, and also increase your sperm production. • Walnuts – Walnuts are used for thousands of years to cure impotency and other erectile dysfunctions, so they can safely be used also to treat premature ejaculation. Very rich in minerals and proteins, they could help you with your problem. • Green celery – This vegetable contains adrostenol and androstenone, which are very effective in the cure of premature ejaculation. Just make sure you eat it green. • Almonds – Another natural remedy for premature ejaculation are the almonds, because they contain proteins and zinc, which are very effective in the treatment for erectile dysfunctions. As you can see, there are plenty of foods that could help you with your problem. However, it is recommended to include them in your diet, but also to use a natural treatment, if you want to see fast results. One of them is Gambir Sarawak, a 100% natural treatment for premature ejaculation. It is very easy to use, and it has guaranteed results. Simply apply it on your organ 10 or 15 minutes before sex, and wash it gently before the intercourse. You will be finally able to enjoy your sex life!

~ Five Drug – Free Ways to Help You Cure Premature Ejaculation

Five Drug – Free Ways to Help You Cure Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem for men and it causes no end of stress and problems. Some people turn to drugs as a way to try to manage the problem, but these come with their own sets of issues. We suggest using Gambir Sarawak as a way to last longer in bed, but in the meantime, there are some things you can do right now to work towards solving the problem. What are five drug-free ways to help you cure premature ejaculation starting today?

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  1. More Foreplay

Foreplay is sometimes seen as the boring part before the good part or something

that is only done for the woman. However, for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, taking that time out to do something other than penetration is a great way to alleviate the symptoms. By avoiding penetration for at least fifteen minutes, you get your mind onto something other than the big finish and it’s easier to prolong the conclusion. Plus your partner will also orgasm sooner and odds are, with you instead of long after you, leaving you both more satisfied.

  1. Masturbate Before Sex

If you know that you’re going to be having a night of passion, prepare for it beforehand by masturbating about an hour before sex. This does a couple of things. First, it makes you less excited for the main event, meaning that it will take you longer to climax. Second, you can use masturbation as a tool to teach yourself when you’re about to come and what it feels like and then teach yourself how to back down. This leads us to…

  1. The Stop-Start Method

The stop-start method is a highly successful way of teaching yourself how to get out of the premature ejaculation pit. What you’ll is masturbate alone with a dry hand to the point of ejaculation and then stop and bring yourself down again. Then repeat a couple more times and on the fourth time, let yourself climax. This teaches you what it feels like to nearly ejaculate, what will work to bring yourself down again, and how to sustain your pleasure without going over the edge. Once you’ve mastered that, you can then do things like use lubrication, having your wife masturbate you and then have sex. With enough practice, the stop-start method can really work wonders on your sex life.

  1. Kegels

Kegels are often thought of as an exercise for women to tighten up, but they are also great for men because they strengthen the PC muscle. This is the muscle that contracts during orgasm; if it’s toned and strong, it’s easier to control. Kegels are easy to do; when you’re urinating, simply tighten yourself and stop yourself from urinating. Hold for several seconds and then release. Do this several times a day to get your muscles stronger. This in turn will translate to lasting longer in bed.

  1. Squeeze It

For this, you may want your partner or to go solo. This technique isn’t necessarily a perfect one, but it works all right in the heat of the moment. When you’re having sex and you feel close to climaxing, gently squeeze the end of the penis where the head meets the shaft-or have your partner do it-for several seconds. Stop having sex for half a minute and then start again. Repeat this until you just can’t stand it anymore and then climax. This prolongs the penetration time and lets your partner come with you.

Of course there are many other things you can do to end premature ejaculation, but these can be done right now. We also suggest using all natural Gambir Sarawak as a way to last longer in bed without the use of pills or desensitizing creams. When used in combination with techniques like these, it’s much easier to learn how to last longer and end premature ejaculation for good. Good luck!

~ Testimonial from Steven of the UK on Gambir Sarawak

Testimonial from Steven of the UK on Gambir Sarawak

Steven is the first time customer of Gambir Sarawak. He is a very happy man after using Gambir Sarawak, which helps him to last longer in bed.

Watch his testimonial below:

~ Difference Between Sexual and Sensual When Curing PE

The Difference Between Sexual and Sensual When Curing Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is characterized by the fact that it causes a man to ejaculate before he or his partner are ready for it. The actual timeline will vary from person to person, but generally speaking, ejaculation within moments of penetration or even before penetration can be thought of as having a premature one. One of the causes of this issue for many men is that they sexualize sex too much-they are constantly obsessing over the orgasm rather than enjoying the entire experience. If this sounds familiar to you, then looking at the differences between sensual and sexual and basing your experiences on that could be highly beneficial.

 Sexual vs Sensual

Sexual and sensual actually mean two very different things even though they are wound together in sex. However, they are still separate things. Sensual refers to touch; the ability to make someone feel excited, aroused, warm, and content without driving them over the brink. Sensual things aren’t just found in the bedroom; clothing can be sensual, the best chocolate can be sensual… basically anything we find pleasurable can be given this label. Sexual on the other hand refers specifically to something that we find physically appealing; for example, someone wearing sexy clothing or using a sexual position. It ought to be sensual as well, but in many cases, it’s all about getting to the orgasm.

This is where many men who suffer from premature ejaculation become tripped up. In the rush to get to the orgasm, he skips over the sensual parts and ejaculates too soon, causing problems for both himself and his partner.

Adding More Sensual to the Sexual

If this sounds familiar to you, then at least part of the solution may lie in adding more sensuousness to your bedroom play. Indeed, spending a great deal of time teaching men what it’s like to be touched and how it feels and ignoring the sex altogether can be very beneficial.

This is best done with your partner, but it can also be done while you’re masturbating; the theories are fairly similar. The key lies in something called body traces. Body traces teaches you how to receive touch and enjoy it without immediately going to sex and orgasm. Have your partner do things like take your hand and guide it around her body while she tells you that this is sensual, not sexual. Have her tell you where she likes to be touched and then think of those places as just those places. For example, hips are hips, not an instant ‘boner’.

Then have her ask you where you like to be touched. If you don’t know, experiment! Have her avoid the obvious trigger spots and instead explore things like how it feels to be touched in the back, hips, legs and neck. Don’t sexualize it, don’t even have sex. Instead, having these sensual sessions without any sex at all can help you to enjoy the sensation of touch and sight without thinking about the orgasm. In these sessions as in when it actually comes to having sex, the orgasm doesn’t matter. It’s enjoying the build up along the way instead.

If you and your partner think of sex as something sensual and something to be savoured every step of the way instead of as a headlong rush to the ‘climax’, it will be much easier to deal with premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. Plus the whole thing will actually be a lot more fun in the end! Enjoy every moment of the build-up to the climax and work on making that last longer instead of worrying about the orgasm and sex will be a lot more fun.


~ Depression and Premature Ejaculation

Depression and Premature Ejaculation

Depression is a common mental issue in the world. Indeed, it is estimated that more than 350 million people across the world suffer from depression. It hits people of any age and is the leading cause of disability in the world. It’s also a major contributor to disease. On average, women are more likely to be depressed than men, but many men also suffer from this problem. According to the World Health Organization, suicide results in around 1 million deaths every year and fewer than half of those affected by depression ever get help. This can be due to a lack of resources and to shame. Incorrect diagnoses can also lead to many people missing out on valuable aid.

Depression has a number of symptoms, including loss of interest and enjoyment, reduced energy, anxiety, lack of sleep and appetite, low self-worth, bad concentration or other symptoms. Symptoms in men can also include sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation. For many men, this only makes the problem of depression worse!

Sexual dysfunction and depression, including premature ejaculation, go hand in hand for a couple of reasons. First of all, depression takes a lot of energy away from your system; your body is simply trying to cope with the demands put on it and that means you feel as though you are slowing down. This is compounded if you have trouble sleeping; without adequate rest, it’s hard to feel energized and ready to face the day. Second, if you are feeling like you have no energy, it will be hard to get and sustain an erection-and you just won’t care anymore! And finally, if you’re on anti-depressants, one of the common symptoms will be problems with your sexual libido. And then, being unable to sustain an erection and unable to have satisfying sex can lead to relationship problems and a loss of self-esteem which then feeds even more into depression, turning into a vicious cycle.

If depression is the cause of your premature ejaculation (or any sexual dysfunction), most sexual products won’t necessarily help, no matter how great they are. Instead, it’s very important to begin working on the depression to alleviate its symptoms. The first line of defence is to open up the lines of communication between yourself and your partner. Remember that your partner may not know what is going on and may feel as though you’ve lost interest in sex for very different reasons. Your partner can also be a huge support system while you work through depression; everything from cuddling to talking to doing things together like exercising and eating healthy. By placing more emphasis on your health by doing things like going on short walks and eating healthily, it become easier to manage symptoms. You can also go to therapy together to help you understand what’s going on, help your partner know what’s going on and have tools to work on it together. The one silver lining in all of this is that by tackling it together, you can really come closer together as a couple; after all, there’s nothing like adversary to bring two people together!

If you are on anti-depressants, there are a few things you can do to recover your libido and hopefully cure premature ejaculation. Talk to your doctor about lowering your dose and always take it after having sex, not before. Try drugs that help with dysfunction like Buproprion which is an anti-depressant and sexual libido aid or something like Viagra. And ask your doctor if you could change your antidepressants or even take a few scheduled and short breaks.

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s one of the most common mental issues in the world and you are far from alone in suffering it. Although it’s hard and feels like you’re always in a dark place, just know that you aren’t alone and that there are people who will be there for you. Get the help you need, work with your partner, and hopefully the depression will ease its hold and take your sexual dysfunction with it. Premature ejaculation can be a symptom of depression and sexual dysfunctions in general can be caused by depression, so find some help, confide in your partner and take care of your health!

~ Your Sexual Positions and Premature Ejaculation

Your Sexual Positions and Premature Ejaculation

All right, so we’re getting to get a little… well, personal. I know, more personal! But when discussing ways to manage and ultimately cure premature ejaculation, the time for dancing around is over and it’s time to look at some hard things, namely how to stay hard longer! One of the things which many men don’t think about when trying to put a handle on this problem is the sexual positions they are taking and how they are using their muscles. Certainly having sex takes muscles; holding any position will demand something from your body, but how you do these positions and how you use these muscles will have an impact on your ejaculation speed. I bet you didn’t know that! Here’s how certain ways of using muscles can actually make it harder to last longer even though you thought it helped you to have better sex and furthermore, which positions are better for lasting longer in bed.

Puffing Yourself Up to Look Bigger

How many guys have done this: You’re in missionary position and you are worried that you’re not large enough for your partner (as a side note, while size can matter, it’s really not as big a deal as the media makes it out to be!). So, in order to seem bigger, you tighten your muscles as you push out so that you feel and look larger. This, combined with the general muscle tension of having sex, creates grounds for men to come sooner. This is why many men last longer when the woman is on top; it’s easier to manage that muscle tension.

The best way to handle this problem is to work on your muscle tension levels and be able to manage it while in the heat of the moment so that you’re not ejaculating too quickly due to the need to release that tension. Good ways of learning this skill include things like yoga, stretching and working out; this will alleviate the tension in your pelvic and abdominal muscles outside the bedroom and let you manage that tension inside the bedroom so that you come when you are ready, not before! And make sure you don’t worry about puffing yourself up to look bigger; odds are that at this point, your partner isn’t even thinking too much about it at this point!

What’s interesting about the missionary position is that it is the position with the most likelihood of having premature ejaculation issues, but it’s also the male dominant position. It’s a good example of how, in sex as well as in most good relationships, it’s a good idea to share the load!

Changing Up Positions

One good way to at least manage premature ejaculation and keep having sex while doing things like therapy or using products like Gambir Sarawak, is to change up the positions. Good positions for dealing with premature ejaculation include female superior (woman on top), side to side and doggy style. All of these things are better than missionary because they don’t cause as much muscle tension and the woman has more control which makes it easier for her to be pleasured and takes some of the strain off the man. Use deep breathing with these positions to keep blood and oxygen circulating and imagery to sustain your erection longer. These things are also easier to do when you’re not on top, so loosen up control a little and let her take the reins!

While there are all kinds of ways to cure premature ejaculation for good, a great way to start is right in your own bedroom with how you have sex with your partner. Changing up from the regular missionary position and combining it with deep breathing and imagery are all good ways to last longer in bed and have a happier, more in control partner. This in turn will lead to even better sex, so it’s a win-win all around. Give it a try tonight and see how much longer you can last when you change up the positions!

~ How Confidence Impacts Your Ability to Last Longer in Bed

How Confidence Impacts Your Ability to Last Longer in Bed

How much of premature ejaculation is caused by physical problems and how much is caused by psychological? Like many sexual dysfunctions, the answer usually lies in a combination of the two. Physical problems such as not enough serotonin, a hormone imbalance, or diseases like diabetes can certainly contribute to the problem while emotional distress like stress, low self-esteem, and fear make up the other half of the equation. The big difference though is that while there isn’t a lot you can do about your hormones (save for taking hormone treatments), you can work on your emotional state of mind and in doing so, you may find that many of your sexual dysfunctions disappear.

In the case of premature ejaculation, psychological causes usually include a lack of confidence and fear. Some men have learned to equate sex with fear (or at least nervousness and embarrassment). This can come about as a result of a strict religious upbringing where sex was viewed as evil, being caught masturbating, or a fear of becoming ill or impregnating a woman. It can also come about as a result of nerves about not being good enough for a partner. Finally, premature ejaculation can be an indication of problems in the relationship such as stress or anger, either directed towards your partner or directed towards something else such as work or an event in your life.

All of these things feed into a spiral of decreasing confidence which then makes it harder to last longer in bed which then feeds back into the lack of confidence. Even the most understanding of partners will have a hard time trying to break through that and it can often contribute to break-ups or at least plenty of bad feeling. These then cycle back to the problem and we continue with a vicious loop.

When it comes to confidence and premature ejaculation, a key component may be therapy. If you’re in a relationship, couples’ therapy can be highly beneficial since both sides can learn how to make sex more enjoyable without all the stress of performance. If you don’t have a partner or your partner won’t join you, then personal therapy can work just as well. Therapy can help identify what is causing the problem(s) between the sheets and how to tackle them properly so that they can overcome and you can start building on your ability to last longer in bed.

Emotional problems and premature ejaculation won’t be cured swiftly and it will take some effort. However, this kind of cure lasts longer than ones from pills and creams. It is one which allows you to overcome your problems in bed and once overcome, like riding a bike, you’ll never forget. However, since it can take a while to fully get rid of premature ejaculation in this manner, using something like Gambir Sarawak to build confidence and tie you and your partner through can be really helpful! Remember, the more you help yourself, the better your life will become. Good luck!

~ How the Media Disrupts Sexual Confidence

How the Media Disrupts Sexual Confidence

One of the leading causes of premature ejaculation is simple: complete and total lack of confidence on the part of the male. This lack of confidence can come from a number of places, but certainly the media has its role to play. In the case of both the women and the men, popular media in particular has perpetuated a number of damaging myths when it comes to sexual relationships. These myths include:

  • The importance of a massive penis (in fact, smaller and well skilled is better since all sensitivity in a women is near the rim of the vagina)
  • The necessity to last hours and hours (sex on average lasts about two to four minutes for actual penetration)
  • The friction between the idea that men are supposed to be tender and romantic and the idea that men are supposed to be able to go hard for a long time.

Myths like these hardly belong to the realm of one type of media over another. For example, the idea of the small penis is lampooned in comedy while men bitterly loathe romances for the unrealistic portrayal of sex. Both men and women may find that their sexual confidence is destroyed by the media around them, but we’ll look at men in this case. The damaging myths here in particular are penis size and the notion of being able to last a long time or at least be able to go multiple times in one night.

These ideas are very damaging to many men; particularly those who have had rocky relationships or already have a low self esteem. With the prevalence of these ideas, from porn to romance to comedy, most guys are going to come across it at least once in their lives and at the wrong point in their lives, it can leave something of a scar which turns into a lowered sense of confidence. This then feeds into problems such as premature ejaculation or having difficulty getting aroused for sex because of constant fears of inadequacy.

It’s incredibly important to address these fears, first by realizing that they are baseless. Shows which showcase the 8” long lasting for hours have a number of tricks to make it appear that way. For example, Fabio in his romances actually did takes which were done over three days so that he was taking breaks. Those one hour, two hour, four hour sexual sessions were nothing more than several sessions strung together, each one lasting far less time. As for length, you’d be surprised what weird camera angles can do for you!

But another thing to bear in mind is open communication. Although the media portrays women as wanting sex to last all night long, if you actually ask, you’ll probably find that most women… well, don’t. It actually starts to hurt after a while! What many actually want is more foreplay; that way, the whole session feels longer, but the penetration time hasn’t changed all that much. Get her riled up and on the edge first and then the two of you can go over it together. The clock matters a lot less then!

When it comes to anything in the media, it’s very important to see it with a critical eye and understand that for the most part, it’s an exaggeration on life. What really matters is whether you and your partner are happy and you may find that through communication and perhaps the use of something like Gambir Sarawak, you’re a lot closer to that happiness than you would have imagined. When it comes to premature ejaculation, remember that what you see on t.v. and what you read isn’t going to have much to do with reality, so take care of your health and your relationship and the rest will follow. Good luck!

~ Review of Gambir Sarawak from our Customer- John

Review of Gambir Sarawak from our Customer- John of Miami Florida

John of Miami Florida has given a review on Gambir Sarawak. He is recommending Gambir Sarawak to those who have premature ejaculation of cannot last longer in bed.

Check out his video testimonial here:


~ Why You Shouldn’t Use Antidepressants to Cure PE

Why You Shouldn’t Use Antidepressants to Cure Premature Ejaculation

It was not too terribly long ago that one of the primary cures for premature ejaculation was the taking of something like Prozac. In fact, if you look around a little, you will still see this as an option for men struggling with this form of sexual dysfunction. Although effective-sometimes-in getting rid of the problem, antidepressants have other problems which makes them far from your best choice when it comes to lasting longer in bed.


Antidepressants work to delay ejaculation primarily by delaying the ejaculation reflex. This works because these medications are part of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors group (SSRIs). They increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, in other words which allows a man to last longer in bed. Sounds good so far, especially since the results are often comparable to surgical results but without the expensive and painful surgery!

However, antidepressants have their problems, particularly Prozac. Prozac (flouxetine) has been long prescribed as a way to get rid of premature ejaculation; however, some side effects include sexual dysfunction, loss of libido and impotency-the exact opposite of what you want! Other side effects of other SSRIs include mouth dryness, unreasonable tranquility (you’re just feeling too good to bother with much of anything), nausea and other problems. Some effects can be avoided if you take the pill two hours before having sex, but other side effects may occur anyway. Furthermore, over the long run, antidepressants often cause sexual problems anyway and you’re back to square one, possibly in a worse situation.

Antidepressants are definitely not the best way to go when it comes to figuring out how best to cure premature ejaculation. Although they can work in the short term, over the long run they are at best a way to delay actually dealing with the problem and at worst, going to cause more problems than solve. Instead of bothering with them, try different methods.

Good ways to last longer in bed include:

  • Learning the stop and start method
  • Letting your partner on top
  • Visualization (thinking of something other than your orgasm)
  • Using a natural product like Gambir Sarawak
  • Kegels

Although these methods will all take longer, they will also stick far better than SSRIs will. More time and effort into solving any problem means that the problem will stay solved and it’s no different from premature ejaculation. So don’t rely on drugs to deal with the problem; find a solution on your own and stick with it! You’ll have far greater success.

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