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~ Can Hypnosis Help Premature Ejaculation?

Can Hypnosis Help Premature Ejaculation?

It may sound a bit insane, but is hypnosis the key to curing your premature ejaculation?

Hypnosis is generally defined as a state of physical relaxation, combined with hyper mental awareness. It is not the power to control minds or something out of a comic book or bad movie, but instead is the idea of honing mind over matter in its most raw form; that of ignoring the body in favour of the mind. Hypnosis can be induced either by an outside force or you can do it to yourself with the right mental discipline.

While the idea to use hypnosis as a way to cure problems sounds wacky, hypnosis has been used successfully in many cases of hypnotherapy where people are able to quit bad habits like smoking and drinking and achieve a more relaxed and positive mind frame to aid their lives. Hypnosis has also been used by some therapists to help cure premature ejaculation, but can it actually work?

Premature ejaculation has two overarching pillars which cause the problem: physical problems such as vitamin deficiencies, difficulties with sensation, and a hard time getting blood to flow to the penis. For these things, products like Gambir Sarawak are ideal. The other pillar is mental, usually caused by stress, anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. For this pillar, hypnosis can be very helpful.

So how can hypnosis help you deal with premature ejaculation? Hypnotherapists will usually take you through a few treatments about an hour each where you will be taught how to change your anxious thought cycles, deal with your stress, and may even give you a bit of sex therapy to help you manage your erection and last longer in bed. But will it help you? The jury is still incredibly out on it with some people claiming it worked well for them and others claiming that it’s bogus. The answer probably largely lies in the cause of the problem; if it’s physical, hypnosis won’t do a thing for you, but if it’s all emotional, it could help you to at least still your anxious thoughts and try to break through the worry cycle. However, it will be at least partially based on your belief in it; if you don’t think hypnosis will work, it probably won’t.

Hypnosis is simply one possible answer to the problem and since premature ejaculation is a multi-faceted problem, it only makes sense that the solutions will be too. If you think it might help you, then try it, but if you think it’s all bogus, you should try Gambir Sarawak which can help you cure premature ejaculation naturally and safely.

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