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~ Age and Premature Ejaculation

Age and Premature Ejaculation

One of the problems of dealing with premature ejaculation, other than the fact that men don’t like to talk about it when they have it, is the age issue. Premature ejaculation is one of the few sexual dysfunctions which men do not necessarily get as they age (in fact, many men find that they have fewer symptoms of this problem as they get older!) Instead, premature ejaculation is largely a younger man’s problem; usually 20s through 40s. There is a reason why these two ages are problematic for doctors dealing with this problem and each age group has its own problem.

20s Age Group

One of the biggest problems with 20-something men (and women) is the feeling of immortality which persists from teenage-hood. This feeling of being immortal and invincible makes it very hard for men to admit that they have a sexual problem even to friends or their spouses, let alone a doctor. However, leaving these things alone like most men do makes it hard for the problem to get dealt with and the 20-something age group is incredibly important for dealing with the problem early before bad habits become rooted and even harder to cope with.

Health experts believe that the 20-something age group is a turning point in the health of men because it’s when decisions are made that will impact men for the rest of their lives. These include decisions in eating and exercise, but also in terms of sexual health. Men who don’t take steps to handle health problems this early on may have more severe problems later in life. Remember that premature ejaculation can lead to erectile dysfunction if it is left alone for too long, so by ignoring the problem, further worsening of sexual dysfunction can occur and men will feel dissatisfied and even angry with themselves which of course will make the problem even worse.

40s Age Group

The 40s age group is the second age group which health experts consider to be very important. This is because by this point, most men have reached their peak and are beginning to go into middle age and senior age. At this point, bad habits have been around for a couple of decades and can have a severe impact on the golden years of a man. However, it’s also not too late to deal with these problems and many men in their 40s find themselves less constrained by pride to see a doctor!

Premature ejaculation in older men is often found in men in their 40s; by this point, muscle control may be a bit weaker and many men are stuck in bad habits or have just grown used to the problem. Furthermore, the 40s age group is sometimes known as the ‘age of excess’; they have grown complacent or are staying rooted in one place so that change becomes hard and this includes doing something about premature ejaculation. On the other hand, many men in this age group are less prone to pride so they may be better convinced to see a doctor.

Men of all ages are able to have problems with premature ejaculation; it’s not a sexual dysfunction related to age. However, the two age groups of the 20 somethings and 40 somethings can be of particular interest, given that premature ejaculation most often starts when men are in their twenties and can get worse by their forties. Furthermore, men in both of these groups can struggle to deal with their problem because of pride or a feeling of immortality or simply getting used to the idea. This means that finding ways to deal with this problem within the restrictions of male ego and emotional thought is very important. Make sure to take care of your health so that you can feel more confident about yourself and that includes taking care of problems with sexual confidence.

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